Surface Mount Device

Surface Mount Device

1. Die Bonding Process

Die bonding process is preprocedure of next soldering process.

2. Soldering Process

The soldering boat loaded with material is introduced into soldering furnace by conveyor.

3. Molding and Curing Process

Put the jointed semi-product in a forming mold, and then apply mold press to inject epoxy resin into forming mold.

4. Trimming / Forming

The terminal of leadframe need to be trimmed and formed as specified dimensions with trim/form machine.

5. Plating Process

After trimming/froming, the surface of terminal need to be electroplated by a Sn layer, which is available to solderability improvement and to prevent from oxidation.

6. AOI Process

Implement 100% CCD inspection based on the appearance and dimension of each product.

7. TMTT Process

The finished good needs to do a series of examinations and sorting by single cycle on TMTT tester.